Belagavi: Malvan incident shocks the entire city of Belagavi. 8 students of Maratha Mandal Engineering College have drowned at the Malvan beach Sindhudurg  Dist on Saturday.According to sources 40 students from Maratha Mandal Engineering college had been to Malvan for a study tour. The local police has confirmed that 11 were swimming amongst them 3 students were saved by the locals but the remaining 8 have drowned 3 were girls and 5 were boys.

While talking with Police said that it was a time of high tide and some students went into the deep water. After sometime few of them began drowning, some others in the group hurried to save them. Locals also jumped to save them, but could save only 3 students out of 11 and the remaining 8 have drowned.

The police claimed that the students ignored the warning of high tide by the locals and went into the water. 8 bodies were recovered out of whom 3 were girls,2 of them are admitted to a malvan hospital and one girl who is in a serious condition is being treated at a hospital. And the last rituals of some students was conducted by their families at there respected places.

The names of the students who lost their lives are Prof. Mahesh Kudackar, Maya Kolhe, Karuna Berde, Avdhoot Tahsildar, Aarti Chavan, Kiran Khandekar, Muzamil Hanigeri, Nitin Mutnadkar.