Belagavi: Despite series of reforms made by the Election Commission to ensure free and fair elections throughout the country, Gokak constituency has earned the notoriety of having elections on muscle and money power for long. Indirectly referring to Jarkiholi brothers of Gokak, BJP leader Ashok Pujari said, Jarkiholis of Gokak could become legislators and ministers only through muscle and money power besides issuing threats to their rivals to win the elections so far.

“If Jarkiholi deny of winning elections on the basis of money, muscle power and threats, then they should question themselves as to how did they win elections,” said Pujari. Even after a comprehensive change being ushered in to hold elections effectively, the Election Commission has failed to ensure free and fair elections all across the country.

In constituencies like Gokak, elections are fought totally on the basis of threats, muscles and money power, he said urging the Election Commission to initiate more stringent measures to overcome it in the future. To stop fake voting and fake voters in the coming state assembly elections, Mr Pujari
urged the commission to link Aadhar Cards of every voter to his voter ID. Mr Pujari wrote a letter to the Election Commission to bring such a system into force for a fair election process. He said, the commission should install CCTVs in all booths and adopt the modern technology in an effective way to stop notorious politicians from winning elections.