Belagavi: Several pro-Maharashtra leaders suffer embarrassment whenever they raise the issue of development and boundary dispute in important meetings in Belagavi. When Khanapur MLA Arvind Patil demanded implementation of multi-village scheme (MVS) in Khanapur at a meeting of Karnataka Developmental Programmes (KDP), Athani MLA Laxman Savadi retorted stating that Patil always demanded the merger of Khanapur with Maharashtra and questioned him as to why does he need MVS in Khanapur under such circumstances.

However, a perplexed Patil said, the issue of merger of Khanapur with Maharashtra was pending before the apex court and that the pro-Maharashtra leaders were certain to win the case and go to Maharashtra. He said, until that time, the state government should provide water to Khanapur. Mr Savadi said, if Patil admitted that Khanapur was a part of Karnataka, he would then be given as much water as he needed. Small Scale Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi intervened and pacified both the leaders but did not answer Patil whether MVS would be implemented in Khanapur, anyways!