From Darbar Galli’s Belagavi: The appetizing aroma of sizzling chicken and other non-veg delicacies wafting through Darbar Galli of Belagavi is attracting all food lovers of the city these days. If it is the holy month of Ramzan, you just name the non-veg dish, it is available in Darbar Galli today! For one whole month of fasting, the small outlets mushroomed at Darbar Galli will produce delicious, tasty, scrumptious, yummy, luscious non-veg, veg and sweet dishes for food-lovers.A large variety of items are on the menu in most of the small and tiny outlets which are set up in Darbar Galli exclusively for Ramzan’s month of fasting. Those fasting during these days will get to taste some of the tempting delicacies, especially ready at the time of iftar at 7 pm every day. As the time of iftar (breaking of fast) nears at 7 pm and the sound of azaan gains pitch through Darbar Galli’s Jamia mosque, a large number of people throng the Galli to break the fast. A huge number of people from many other communities and religion also make this spot their favourite joint during Ramzan to taste a range of sizzlers.Most of the outlets at the Galli cater to the needs of customers throughout the night and until the time of Sehri (food taken at the start of fast at 4 am). As the night picks up the pace, the number of customers entering Darbar Galli for snack and food rises alarmingly putting all chefs and outlets under pressure to give quick service. However, any items ordered by customers are ready in a jiffy as chefs ensure that none of the customers slipped into other outlets owing to delay.The Galli turns into a heaven particularly for thousands of students from various colleges of Belagavi who are living alone in hostels or other places, away from their homes. The students will be able to get any items of their choice at affordable rates and steamy hot. More than 90 per cent of Muslims fasting in Belagavi must certainly visit Darbar Galli at regular intervals for sure looking at the massive crowds that choke this place at dusk.Many of noted eateries, restaurants and outlets from Belagavi usually have their tents erected at Darbar Galli during Ramzan to ensure that their snack and food items are introduced to a majority of Belagavi’s residents.

(Photo C’tsy: Afif Jamadar)