Belagavi: After a long stretch of a dry spell that western ghats suffered for the last three seasons, incessant rains lashing the region in the last few weeks has helped the ghats regain their lush-green beauty again. A large number of tourists have been thronging parts of western ghats to have a glimpse of nature’s abundant gift.The Dudhsagar waterfalls which is located right on Karnataka’s border with Goa in the western ghats creates a beautiful scenery when monsoon rains pick up the pace. An entire stretch of western ghats that divide Karnataka with Maharashtra is wearing a scintillating look with a lush green heap of trees. The region recorded scanty rainfall during the last three monsoons taking away the beauty of most of the waterfalls on western ghats. However, it has been raining incessantly since June this time as all the rivers are in spate now producing fabulous waterfalls.The scenic spots along the route of starting from Belagavi to Madgaon via Londa, Castlerock and Dudhsagar have been some of the beautiful ones which have also attracted many film directors and producers. Some of the films also have been shot in many of these lush-green spots in the recent times.Entry into Dudhsagar may be very scary for the tourists, but the latter trek a long distance from Castlerock risking their lives to steal the beauty. Due to massive rainfall in the thick forests, sources said, entry into Dudhsagar has been prevented.With no alternative, the tourists enjoy nature bounty only through the trains these days. From Castlerock, the train passes alongside Dudhsagar waterfalls giving an extremely close and spectacular view to all the tourists from inside the train. Soon after the train leaves castle rock, most of the passengers in the train throng to windows and doors to take a view of the beautiful Dudhsagar.