Belagavi: The JD(S), Congress coalition government not yet breathing freely because of the dissidents team that is being led by Ramesh Jarkiholi from the district. Many might not known that the Belagavi Rural MLA Laxmi Hebalkar was behind every recent upsets in the government as she had brought the powerful minister DK Shivakumar to get solve the presidential positions of Belagavi Taluka PLD Bank Board of Management Committee.

Shivakumar known as ‘Trouble Shooter” in Congress ensured the candidates whom Hebbalkar backed to hold the places. The trouble started not only to Congress but shock the even the government as Jarkiholis who had hold on government as well as government undertaken institutions in the district suffered a major setback and felt insulted with transfer of position to other person rather than their supporters. Not only the defeat in bank election, but more of all both the Jarkiholis in Congress -Ramesh and Satish – stunned badly with the entry of DK Shivakumar in the district politics. They felt they would loose their ‘Empire’ with the entry of Shivakumar, resulting which made Ramesh Jarkiholi to shook the government.

Though the chances of repeating the same incident in establishing the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) are very less, it may create another headache to the government as Laxmi is opposing for establishment of plant at their ward while the District In charge Minister Satish Jarkiholi is favouring the project.

Government, a few year ago, has commenced with a project of STP at Halaga near Suvarna Vidhan Soudha and acquired 19 acres of required land. Since the land was said to be irrigated, government has fixed Rs 30 lakh per acre. People whose land were marked to acquire were ready to give their land earlier, however, after the last election to state were opposing. Minister Satish Jarkiholi said there were no need of considering again the proposal as entire process was completed.

However, people who agreed were now opposing to give the land with the entry of Hebbalkar into the matter. Her son Mrinal Hebbalkar prevented the officials of the City Corporation who had gone to acquire the identified land, last week. MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar told that she would not allow injustice to the people of her constituency and urged the government to drop the project as the land to be acquired is irrigated land. However, minister Jarkiholi said that matter was over, Hebbalkar who is a part of government should not go against the decision of the government. Amount to be given to the people was much than the market value.

The aftermath waves of PLD bank issue would repeat on government if the Congress state leadership does not take extreme step now.