Belagavi: 30-year-old Sidrai Nayak from Mutyanatti village in Belagavi taluk was murdered allegedly by Kallappa Nayak family of the same village for grazing his livestock at their field at the village, on Friday.

Sidrai used to graze his sheep and cattle at the Kallappa Nayak and surrounding agricultural fields since a few years. Kallappa Nayak who had allowed to graze the livestock had recently told him to stop getting in the animal in his field.

However, Sidrai took the matter lightly and as usual took his livestock to the field. Angry with the move, Kallappa Nayak and his family members rushed to their field and attacked Sidrai with sticks and iron made weapons. Apart from attack injuries of his body, the throat was also found slit. The Kakati police have registered a case.