Belagavi: The police on Wednesday arrested eight people, engaged in narcotics business and recovered 1.5 ganja from their possession.

A police team led by ACP Narayan Baramani arrested truck driver Akhil Ahmed Kut\buddin Munavalli who used to bring the stuff from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Suraj Kallappa Agasar, Amirabdul Latif Beig used to pack in small polythene sachets which Atif Nazeer Chachadi and Salman Fatekhan used to sale.

Police Commissioner BS Lokeshkumar, at a news conference on Wednesday, said the stuff mainly used to sale for the medical and engineering students. The stuff was recovered from Azad Nagar and Vaibhav Nagar. Four cellphones and 2 two-wheelers have also been recovered from the arrested.