Belagavi: By disclosing his party would not allow Yediyurappa government to fall at any cost and wanted no interim general polls to the assembly, HD Kumaraswamy shoots a bullet to many targets. Knowing that most among the disqualified legislators were the supporters of Siddaramaiah and he remained tight-lipped even after things took worsen state, Kumaraswamy and his father JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda were cleared that the former was behind all the crises and he don’t wanted continuation of the government.

Though the Chief Coordinator of the coalition government, he did not try to extinguish the fire that was burning the government, Kumaraswamy and Deve Gowda complained to Congress High Command and since the things were not worked out they openly bounced on Siddaramaiah saying “Everything is going according to his direction” and started blaming Congress for the crises.

Kumaraswamy who after the fall of his government disclosed that his rule as chief of the government was alike “Walk of the Rope. Government friends shook it until I fall down”. After knowing his supporting disqualified legislators were left out of his reach and BJP wisely has got into its bag, Siddaramaiah felt his plan of becoming the head of the government was failed he too started targeting his party rebels. Siddaramaiah, anticipating that hardly about 4 to 5 disqualified may win from BJP and that party would lose majority state would go to the fresh mandate and he would become the CM again he too started counter-attacks on JD(S).

Kumaraswamy whose party was away from the power for 10 years knew that things were not favorable if gone to the election and BJP also had told that about 15 legislators from JD(S) would join the party, he said “None among the Constitutional Set-ups like ED, IT, CBI, etc can’t raid on my home, I wish the raids should be conducted also on my house which can also disclose the illegal property earned by Congress and BJP including Yediyurappa.

As none from BJP, Congress including CM Yediyurappa, Siddaramaiah reacted to this, felt his target reached the real destinations and in Belagavi on Saturday has said “The life of Yediyurappa government is in my hand, It will breathe until I wish”. This cleared that first, he avoided legislators shifting to BJP, Siddaramaiah’s plan of becoming CM again with a fresh mandate and BJP’s plan of conducting “Operation” on his party. Siddaramaiah thought midterm polls after the by-election which could help him to become CM, however, Kumaraswamy wished away his plans by saying “Yediyurappa government depended on his wish”, which clearly indicates that Yediyurappa government even reduced to a minority after by-polls, his party would stand as support externally. With this, the JD(S) mastermind Deve Gowda cleared all the hurdles to his party by “Shooting one bullet to many aims”.