Belagavi: The Market Division Police led by ACP NV Baramani rounded-up six people including two women and a minor for allegedly blackmailing the owner of one of the cloth stores at Veerabhadra Nagar by making to go to one of the houses at Rukhminj Nagar and forcibly removing his clothes, making a video record and threatening him of filing rape cases if not giving the demanded sum.

The accused have been identified as Bibi Ayesha Abdulsattar Shaikh from Mahantesh Nagar, Heena Akbhar Savanoor from Aashraya colony at Rukhmini Nagar, Alikhan Shamshuddin Sayyad, Kakar street, Camp, Akhib Allhabhaksh Bepari, Market Street, Camp, Salman Gulab Beig, Beef Market, Camp, and a minor person.

Bibi Ayesha, known as prime accused in the case had to owe Rs 6 lakh to the owner of the cloth store owner related to the cloth business. She along with another accused Heena knew that the shop owner had been to the SBI branch at Mahantesh Nagar and waited near his car. As he comes they told him to come with them to Heena’s house at Aashraya colony. The other accused were already there at the house. Soon he entered the house they closed the door and windows of the house, hold him tightly, got snatched his wristwatch, cash of Rs 16, 500, removed his clothes and later video recorded his nude video.

They threat him that the video would be circulated to all known people and in the social media and the women allegedly told him that they would file rape case against him if he not given them Rs 6 lakh. The businessman told them he would bring cash of Rs 2.5 lakh in just a few minutes and the remaining amount after some time. The accused agreed and freed him. The person went directly to Malmaruti police station and filed a complaint. Acting rapidly, the police went to the house at the Aashraya colony and took all the accused into custody.