Belagavi: By encountering the gang rape and murder accused of Veterinary Doctor Priyanka Reddy the Telangana police are being appreciated from all walk of the society nation-wide. The accused were shoot at the site where they had raped and burnt alive the doctor at Hyderabad.

The Telangana police had taken the accused to verify the place where they had committed the crime. On last Nov 27, Mohammed Arif, Jola Shiva, Jola Naveen and Chintakula Keshavalu, all lorry drivers and cleaners, had taken the doctor to an isolated place, raped and murdered by setting her ablaze by dousing petrol. They were caught based on the footages of the CC Cameras.

Notorious gangster Praveen Shintre, who used to kill women used to take the deceased to an independent bungalow named “Rajdeep” near Ganeshpur, rape and later kill them by strangulating.

Shintre who was at large for few weeks after rape and murder of Sheetal Chougale was caught at a lodge at Mangaluru. He brought by the police to the place where he used to rape and murder the women shot dead when he tried to take the hidden revolver to attack the police.

People who held many protests demanding to arrest and punish Shintre lauded police for encountering him at the same place where he used to commit the crime.