Belagavi: Soon after news reached that Kannada flag was burnt at Kolhapur in Maharashtra over a comment of a Kannada leader on Belagavi BJP MP, Railway Minister of State Suresh Angadi, the Kannada organizations burnt an effigy of Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, at Ashok Circle beside Kote Kere near Central Bus Stand on Saturday.

Kannada activists who attended a meeting on Kalasa-Banduri issue, at Circuit House rushed to the road and burnt the effigy after knowing that Shiv Sena workers had burnt the Kannada flag with an effigy of Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sene State President Bhimashankar Patil, at Kolhapur. Patil, in reply to Minister Angadi who had said the trouble makers who damage the public property during the protests must be shoot at sight, had asked the opinion of the latter about pro-Maharashtrians who attacked Kannadigas, police, damaged Karnataka public property during their past protests.

Patil had said that Minister Angadi being a Kannadiga had no guts to shot at pro-Maharashtrians, as he would maintain his vote bank. The Kannada activists said they would reply in the “Tit for Tat” style to anti-state elements for their every anti-stand activities.