About Us

Also to be the second capital of Karnataka, Belgaum/Belagavi city has gained its importance and is selected in the first phase of the 20 cities as one of the many Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under the PM Modi’s flagship of Smart Cities. Established in the year 2017, The Belgaum News is Belgaum’s/Belagavi’s first multilingual online news portal. It offers readers news in Kannada, English & Marathi. We at thebelgaumnews.com bring to you latest & Exclusive News on Current Affairs, City, Sports, Crime, Sports, Events, Regional & National.
With the online portal of The Belgaum/Belagavi news you can easily have access to the current happenings in your city anywhere and anytime at a click of a button.
We at thebelgaumnews.com support free and true journalism devoid of linguistic or religious or political bias and pressure.
Having majority of Kannada and Maharashtrian population, the Belgaum news lives by its name of providing news of the city in the language desired by the residents.
Internet being the medium for meeting large number of audience and news being something that has always kept on seeking interest of many, Belgaum/Belagavi news allows you to reach your target audience easily and more affectively. Being an online portal for news in multilingual language, you can also promote your brand and product in regional language to reach your audience in specific. For further information Click here.

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